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Our team is made up of competent workers, offering a reliable service that meets your expectations.


We offer our services for new constructions and existing residences. PolyMax will be happy to re-insulate or add insulation.


PolyMax is the real leader in the area of ​​commercial polyurethane insulation in the region.


Who says industrial says larger area! It is for this reason that at PolyMax we attach great importance to planning.


PolyMax is the leader in institutional insulation in the region and always takes into account the requirements of the building code.

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What is polyurethane foam and what are the advantages?

Polyurethane foam is the most effective and efficient insulation available on the market today. Its performance is indeed superior to all other types of insulation. Therefore, it makes your home more energy efficient!

 This is a process by which two liquids are mixed and sprayed onto the surfaces to be insulated. Once the product comes into contact with the surface, it swells quickly and becomes solid within seconds. Since this product swells instantly, it is possible to apply it at all thicknesses from one (1) inch or more.

It adheres perfectly to most building materials. This air / vapor barrier insulation product can be used on its own on a surface without having to add an additional air barrier and vapor barrier.




PolyMax Offers unparalleled, honest and exceptional service. I highly recommend this company to everyone!

Marc Roussel

President, WeWeb Media