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The real specislist in polyurethane insulation

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is a great solution that gives you insulation, air barrier and vapor barrier with just one application. Spray polyurethane foam insulation will reduce your energy bills and definitely improve your comfort! Urethane is a stable product: polyurethane foam does not degrade, does not settle over time and retains its initial shape. In addition, the urethane insulation provides strong adhesion to all types of surfaces; walls, foundations, crawl spaces, ceilings, tanks and pipelines.

Benefits of sprayed urethane

Today’s home and business owners are constantly looking for ways to compensate for rising energy prices! It is for this reason that our polyurethane insulation experts at PolyMax do everything in their power to help you achieve this goal. Traditionally, in order to meet the insulation requirements of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings, homeowners have opted for fiberglass, which has been the industry standard for many years.

However, fiberglass is no longer considered the most effective insulator to reduce energy costs. The title now goes to spray foam insulation, an innovative industrial technology that is even more energy efficient than the previous ones, and healthier for the environment.

In addition, spray foam insulation will have the same lifespan as the house or building and will provide a stable performance over the years.

Money Saver

Significant reduction in energy costs.


Sealing construction joints, creating a barrier against air and moisture infiltration.


Reduction of outdoor pollutants – dust and allergens.


Attenuation of noise from outside.

Superior insulation

Urethane insulation represents a remarkably high R factor compared to other alternatives.

Guaranteed Quality Service!

Commercial, Industrial, Institutionnal and Residential

PolyMax’s commitment is to provide you with the best service with respect to polyurethane insulation. Whether they are commercial, industrial, institutional or residential insulation projects, PolyMax will be happy to help you with your insulation needs. As a company we are committed to cultivating the human value of our activities. Our products and services are designed to help the planet meet the ecological challenge.